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TEAC UD-501-S Silver

TE09UD501S50 (Etiqueta Verde)


Convertidor D/A con USB Streaming

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El UD-501 soporta Direct Stream Digital (DSD) a velocidades de 2.8MHz o 5.6MHz (DXV). Así imso soporta PCM audio de hasta 384kHz/32 bit de resolución. Podrá conectar su ordenador por USB utilizando ASIO 2.1 o DoP.

The output section of the UD-501 features two BurrBrown 32-bit DACs per channel and JRC MUSES op amps, also with a dual monaural design. Both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs are available to connect to your power amplifier. A toroidal-core power supply ensures top performance and clean transient playback, for quality that outperforms components five times its price.

  • Supports DSD 2.8/5.6MHz playback (via USB)
  • Supports PCM 32bit/384kHz playback (via USB)
  • Supports PCM 24bit/192kHz playback (Coaxial)
  • Supports up to 24bit/96kHz playback (Optical)
  • Supports DSD native playback by ASIO2.1 or DoP method
  • Exclusive driver software for Windows
  • Standard driver software for Mac
  • Asynchronous transfer mode
  • 4 selectable analog filters (playback USB, DSD)
  • 3 selectable digital filters (playback USB, PCM)
  • Non-integral up-conversion to 192kHz, when input signal is less than 192kHz (On/Off selectable)
  • Throughout dual monaural design from power transformer to output section
  • Two toroidal-core power transformers
  • Two BurrBrown PCM1795
  • Four MUSES8920 operational amplifier
  • Parallel buffer for RCA output
  • Power supply to USB circuit is switchable
  • Lineout circuit can be disabled when headphone is used.
  • Low power consumption (MAX 13W)
  • Auto power saving mode (On/Off switchable)
  • Display mode switchable (Show Up-conversion mode and selected filter)
  • Line out switchable (XLR or RCA)
  • Polarity change on XLR (2=HOT or 3=Hot)
  • Full metal body
  • Organic EL Display with Dimmer
  • 1 USB audio input
  • 2 Optical Inputs
  • 2 Coaxial Inputs
  • 1 Stereo RCA/XLR
  • 3-polar AC socket with a detachable AC cable